Turkish Music

As anywhere else in the world, in Turkey it's not always hugely profitable for musicians to commercialize the music they actually would love to play. However, if you are a keen listener, you will be able to spot many extraordinary material created for the sake of love of music rather than popularity (=income) throughout years. The following tunes go to my international acquaintances who have only heard about a limited number of popular music singers representing Turkish music so far.

First batch of the tunes below can be categorized simply as adorable fusions of Turkish music and rhythms with those of western styles like blues, jazz and progressive rock. As these music pieces of strong creativity and talent do require a lot of appreciation to survive in today's commercial music sector, I strongly encourage you to purchase the full albums online by spending a couple of minutes if you'd be willing to hear similiar stuff in the future.

The second batch on the other hand tries to give a taster of what traditional Turkish music can sound like! These samples I am willing to change from time to time whatever that implies.






And we have her (aged 13 at the time of the shot)! ​ Please click here to see someone amazing.